Jo Loves Perfume (and so do I), part 10: A Shot of Fresh Sweet Peas

Sweet peas are my favourite flower. I love their scent, and the pretty colours, and how they look like tiny delicate butterflies, and I’m fascinated by how one stem can have flowers of many different colours on it. So I was very looking forward to this sample.

It smells nothing like sweet peas. The website says the fragrance notes are ylang ylang, rose petals and marigold. On first application, all I could smell was fresh green leaves and a green foresty undernote. After a couple of hours, there was lily-of-the-valley, and a couple of hours after that, roses. This lingers for longer than some of the other samples I’ve tried from the range; I could still smell it on myself after eight hours, but only after shoving my wrist right up to my nose and sniffing hard. It’s a lovely sweet green floral, but sadly not a sweet pea scent. It’s a bit Yardley, but not in a bad way.

So, of the ten samples I’ve tried, I don’t like Pink Vetiver, Orange Tulle or Green Orange & Coriander, but I like the others enough to keep using the samples and then decide which I want in the full size. So my Pink Vetiver, Orange Tulle and Green Orange & Coriander samples will be going on ebay pretty soon.

It’s a lovely range, with some very different scents in it – the delicacy of A Fresh Shot of Sweet Peas is worlds away from the bright zinginess of A Shot of Thai Lime Over Mango. My only complaint is that they just don’t last on the skin long enough. If Jo Loves could sort that out, these would be well worth the money. As it is, £45 for 30ml of fragrance that’s undetectable after five hours isn’t good value at all.



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