The Smell of Bullshit, part 54: more alternatives to Lush

I’ve been exploring alternatives to Lush for a while now, as discussed here and here.

Rhodes to Heaven were weirdly reluctant to give me a list of the ingredients in their hand, nail and cuticle cream. They were willing to email me a list of the “active” ingredients, but I had to press quite hard for a full list. It seems very odd to me that they wouldn’t make the total list available on the website. Everyone should have the opportunity to know exactly what’s in a product before they buy it, whether they’re reading it off the packaging in the shop, or reading it online on the website. Anyway, I bought the 50ml size and have been using it for several weeks. It’s nothing special. I don’t find it particularly moisturising for my very dry hands and nails (swimming several times a week wrecks them). I mean, it moisturises, but not enough for my needs, and it doesn’t soothe the itchiness at all. And I don’t like the smell. Some people would describe it as a light floral, I think, but it reminds me of Sanctuary’s Mande Lular, in that other people love the scent and all I can smell is cheap detergent. I’d use Rhodes to Heaven if it was all there was, without fear of it making my eczema worse, but it’s not good enough for my everyday needs.

Dr PawPaw looks interesting but it has petrolatum in it, so I won’t be buying it.

Odylique look like they’re worth further investigation.

Our Tiny Bees also looks interesting, although not for vegans. Again though, no full list of ingredients on the website. Come on people, we want to know what we’re buying!

My current trials are with Arbonne. I had never heard of Arbonne until a friend of mine started working for them. I think it’s a bit like being an Avon lady – she buys the products from Arbonne and sells them to her customers, and the more she sells, the more she earns. She’s aiming for a white Mercedes! I’m willing to try the products, and if I like them, I’ll buy them, but I’m not going to buy a cupboard full of stuff I won’t use just to support her new business! So as I review the Arbonne things I’m trying, rest assured I’m not trying to sell you them, I’m just telling the truth as I have throughout these posts. But if you do want to buy from Arbonne, buy through my friend!

My first Arbonne products to try are the shea butter hand & body wash and hand & body lotion, the FC5 ultra-hydrating hand cream, the skin conditioning oil, and the nappy cream which my friend assures me works as a good rich overnight hand cream. I’ll probably stick to using just one at a time for a couple of weeks each, so I can see how they work for my skin. Further reports to follow. But Arbonne are another company who don’t put their full ingredients list on their website or in the their paper catalogue – boo, hiss.

I’ve also tried a chocolate (plant-based) protein shake mix (palatable in a disgusting sort of way) and a fruit-flavoured (plant-based) protein bar (so disgusting it made me gag and I had to spit it out). I often don’t eat enough protein, so if I can stomach the protein shakes, I might get some of those.

So, Arbonne is what I’m trying just now. I will keep you all updated.

9 thoughts on “The Smell of Bullshit, part 54: more alternatives to Lush

  1. You are obsessed with Lush. I don’t like them myself but your obsession is scary. And you never explained why, never even worked for them, even if many asked. Scary and unexplained.

    • Thank you for your comment. It’s always nice to see people engaging with the blog in a spirit of comprehension and positivity. I particularly like the pseudo-analysis you have attempted, although it’s let down by the fact you’ve clearly either read nothing or understood nothing. Perhaps some classes in reading comprehension would help. Still, I admire your bravery in making such sweeping statements about something and someone you know nothing about (are you related to Jon Snow?), despite the risk of looking like a complete fool. Well done you!

    • The reason a person would write negative comments about something they don’t like over and over again. Is not to obsess. its to get a message across. I know many people who are absolutely hooked on Lush. Let’s face it their product are pretty fucking amazing. I myself am really hooked on them, but the company itself is complete bullshit. I used to think they were great until I came upon this Blog and when Lush started stealing from me. I mean why do they need to steal? Mark is a millionaire. Its like if you had a friend and then yall became enemies and he opened up a store. You probably wouldn’t buy there ever right? I hope she keeps up this blog and opens up more peoples eyes. So that they will stop buying from lush. No buyers. No Company

  2. Re: Protein shakes, I quite like the ‘Good Hemp’ ones. There is a plain one that you can add to anything (tastes of nothing) and also a strawberry flavoured one which is fine mixed with a milk of some sorts (I like oat milk). Good source of protein and when Holland & Barratt do their ‘buy one get one half price’ they are often included. 🙂

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  4. I am also looking for alternatives to LUSH and you don’t have to be obsessed to begin a quest for good body products at a REASONABLE price.

  5. Have you tried the Highland Soap Company? I use their bubble baths and body creams and they’re lovely. Also, they don’t use SLS or paraben in their products unlike Lush.

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