The Smell of Bullshit, part 56: further alternatives to Lush

See previous posts here, here and here for other alternatives I have tried.

Mainly I’m still looking for an alternative hand cream, as my hands are the part of me most prone to eczema. In The Smell of Bullshit part 54 I had started to try Arbonne. I didn’t get on too well with them. The nappy cream was way too heavy and made my hands sweaty and then itchy, but for other people with very dry but not too sensitive hands, I can see it would work well. It smelled nice too, if I remember correctly. The shea butter hand and body lotion was lovely – rich but not too thick or greasy texture, and a lovely rich scent. I would have liked this more if the scent wasn’t so powerful. It’s not a body lotion that you can use with another perfume; the scents would compete, but you could use it as a scented body lotion á la Future Primitive if you wanted. The smell was too rich for me for a hand cream, but it did work well. I didn’t find the FC5 ultra-hydrating hand cream to be hydrating at all for me – my hands were still as dry as paper after use. So, not great results for me for Arbonne but those of you whose skin is less particular, or is equally particular but in a different way might get on very well with it. If you’re in the Lothians area and you’d like to try Arbonne, let me know and I’ll put you in touch with my pal who sells it. I am getting on very well with their chocolate-flavoured protein shake though and bought a big bag of it the other week.

The other stuff I’ve tried recently and had poor results with is Niki’s Balms. I bought the smallest sizes of the Original Balm and the Lavender and Camomile Balms. I don’t like them. The Original Balm has a lovely light fresh scent; the Lavender and Camomile doesn’t smell of anything much. Both balms somehow manage to leave my hands oily but still completely unmoisturised and dry, and the Original makes them really itchy too. They’ll do for moisturising my shins when I get out of the shower or out of the pool, but that’s about it.

This month’s success has been Our Tiny Bees. By the way, have you read The Bees by Laline Paull? I love it. Buy it now! Our Tiny Bees make their products from beeswax, so not suitable for vegans. I have tried the Lavender hand balm, which smells lovely and lavendery, and the Uber Balm for sensitive skin which smells very neutral. Neither of these products are as actively healing for my eczematous hands as Dream Cream, but they’re the next best thing I’ve found. Both of them work well, soothing and moisturising without causing further irritation, although when my hands are going through a period of heat making them worse, the Uber Balm is a bit heavy and stifling for them. But yes, I really like these and at present they’re the front-runners to be my permanent Dream Cream replacement. The lip balm is nice too.


13 thoughts on “The Smell of Bullshit, part 56: further alternatives to Lush

      • Totally ridiculous if the cream really helps you. I bet you still use it anyway. Your hate for Lush is based on personal fluff and not facts. We all have bad employers, get over it.

      • I have not used Dream Cream for months. And Lush is not and has never been my employer. My dislike of Lush is based on the facts of their behaviour. If you don’t like the content of this blog, feel free to read something else.

  1. I’m a Lush employee .
    I hate that place. I hate those people.
    I used to love the products, now I hate them, too.
    I’ve recently started using one very cheap and very cute brand – Alverde. They are German, vegan, cruelty-free and actually working. And their range is huuuge !
    Alverde is part of DM’s brands. Another one is Balea – I like them too, though they are not natural.
    Weleda is another good brand I’d recommend.

  2. I just have to say this, I started out absolutely loving LUSH. They were animal cruelty free, they had no preservatives, etc etc. Whenever I went into the shops, I felt welcomed and everyone was so friendly. I joked to my friends that maybe one day they’d find me working at Lush. Until one day, I really needed a job and found myself at an interview.

    It went well, I was accepted. The training was fun and informative. But, along the way, I kept hearing little tiny bits of gossip about the higher ups.

    7 months into the job, I dread going to work. I’ve seen good friends break down and leave Lush. I, who have not had a panic attack in months before I came to work in Lush, had an anxiety attack twice in one month. My health is rapidly declining because I also am in the Fresh department (making the Fresh face masks). Just recently, they drove away a really good manager who was fighting for everyone on the shop floor. The amount of bullying here is amazing. It’s like going to war.

    I’m utterly disappointed and extremely sad.

  3. Hey, dont know if you are still looking for a cream but my ex roomie used the green handy gurugu one from lush. She used it not because it was lush, but because she needed a cream and it was going spare. It cleared it. Didnt stop it fully but helped her. I use sudocrem on my eczema.

  4. Dunno where you are on the globe, (just recently found your blog about Lush, I am shocked they are like they are!) but I am in Kentucky and we have a ton of small businesses in this area that have homemade lotions and such.

    I know the local Amish community makes an excellent lotion that is amazing!

    Please let me know if it’s something you might be interested in, and the next time I get a chance to get down their way, I can get some more and send you some to try.

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