Dear Aggrieved of England

Look, I understand. Tomorrow’s referendum has got you all upset/agitated/twitchy/unsettled/downrightbloodyfurious (delete as applicable). Some of you are looking at Scotland, which has had the Scottish parliament for several years, and now might (but probably won’t) vote to leave the UK tomorrow, and you want an English parliament. Well, if you want one, you can have one. Here’s what to do:


  • get off your backsides and work for one
  • set up political parties whose aims include an English parliament and vote for their candidates to become MPs
  • join existing political parties and persuade them to include an English parliament in their manifestos
  • vote against the parties who are not supportive of an English parliament
  • march, campaign, lobby, vote, march, campaign, lobby, vote
  • persuade others to do the same
  • keep doing this for anywhere between 50 and 300 years

Then, when you have done that for long enough, you will have enough MPs at Westminster who will vote for the establishment of an English parliament, and someone will propose a bill, and it will be passed and then it will happen.

Just like how Scotland did it.



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