Adventures in Sertraline

Went back to my GP yesterday. All the bloods came back normal, so we’re happy there’s no physiological reason for why I’m feeling like this. We had a discussion about antidepressants and my priorities in terms of avoiding side-effects – there are some things I would find much harder to tolerate than others. And he’s started me on 100mg sertraline once a day, with a follow-up appointment in three weeks and the understanding that it might take a month for them to work.

Took the first one yesterday morning. Now, I was very very tired yesterday after the awful day at work on Thursday, and yesterday was nearly as stressful, but I think taking the first dose yesterday was foolish. I’d have been better waiting until today (Saturday) to give me a chance to adjust to the side-effects rather than being hit with them at work. Yesterday I was very woolly-headed, but that might have been the pre-existing tiredness, and I spent the afternoon suffering waves of nausea. That had settled by tea time, but by then the tiredness was overpowering me, and when I went to bed, I lay awake the whole night, knackered but unable to sleep. Fingers crossed the insomnia passes quickly.


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