Adventures in Sertraline: Three Weeks In

I went back to the GP on Friday for a review. I told him that although my mood is starting to lift, it’s not back to normal yet, and I’m still low on motivation. Then we had a chat about the side-effects and I said that although they’re an inconvenience, they’re not intolerable. I said I think I’ve been really lucky – the Sertraline has started to work quickly and the side-effects aren’t hideous – and he said that it’s helped that I went when I did. He thinks if I’d left it another couple of months the depression would have been more entrenched and would take longer to clear, and he says it was good that I’d thought things through before I went and he didn’t have to spend weeks persuading me to try meds. So, I’m staying on the same dose, going back in 6 weeks, and as I’m on annual leave next week and therefore not exhausted in the evenings after a day of work, I’m going to try to get back into an exercise routine.


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