Bad Week, Better Saturday

Work has been a struggle this week, working with a person who has had a lot of trauma, and lots of additional work with no additional time to do it in. I was so tired last night (partly because of staying up too late watching election stuff) that I decided not to go to swimming class.*

Today I went into work for a couple of hours, did some stuff that needed to be done, sorted out a massive pile of papers and left feeling slightly more able to cope next week. I could have stayed later on Friday to do it but honestly, I was done. I got home from work, spent some time with the cat, and then went for a swim. Today was the first weekend in months I’ve had the motivation to go for a swim. I even did a couple of sprints.

*Note to self: either take the next day as annual leave and stay up all night watching the election, or go to bed at your normal time and find out in the morning. Don’t stay up several hours past bedtime and go to bed having seen only three results then feel shit all the next day. Although let’s face it, we’re all going to be feeling shit for the next five years.


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