The Smell of Bullshit, part 67: 10 Items or Less*

*I know it should be fewer, not less, but the signs always say less.

The Bournemouth Echo reports that Lush refused to allow a woman to buy products to take back to her family in China. She wanted to take approximately 30 soaps and shampoos back to China as gifts, but Lush said she couldn’t have any more than ten. The Echo says ‘Hilary Jones, ethics director at Lush, said: “Like so many other brands, we have a no resale policy so if we think someone’s buying multiples of something our staff are empowered to say no.” ‘

No resale policy? Really? Then why haven’t they clamped down on ebay sales and sales on the Lush forum? And let’s not even get started on “we don’t trust the Chinese not to test our products on animals and this woman’s Chinese so she can’t have them.”

Check out the comments below the article, especially the one from the woman who says her sister stopped working at the Lush factory when she started coughing up blood. Eek.

4 thoughts on “The Smell of Bullshit, part 67: 10 Items or Less*

  1. Ex lush employee here! Now although I have NO love left for lush after my experience there, I can shed a little light on the subject. Although the policy does seem discriminatory, in my store we had this policy for everyone regardless of skin colour/race/nationality. This wasn’t enforced over Christmas for obvious reasons. Of course resale in countries where animal testing is mandatory (like China) had a lot to do with this, but it is within their rights to do so and if you look on the Chinese version of eBay you’ll see hundreds of the shampoo bars. The products that are being resold are usually out of date, covered in plastic wrapping on the naked products and don’t have the correct ingredients info displayed. Not to mention they sometimes post the receipt of their bulk buy from the original lush store with the sales assistants name and store in full display for all to see that they allowed these products to be sold on like this, as someone who this probably happened to I know how the idea of everyone seeing my mistake would feel pretty humiliating. Given all this and the fact most other companies have limits for lesser reasons, I think this is quite justified.
    Just want to repeat, no love for lush what so ever. They messed with my head in a way I’m not sure i’ll be getting over any time soon, but I can reason with their decision.

  2. When I worked at a top 5 Lush store in the North West (I left a year ago), they were constantly selling BOXES of stuff to Chinese customers who were blatantly taking it home to sell. This was allowed by the manager and no big deal, in fact it was seen as an easy way to make the shop target for the day. Interesting to know it was against company policy the whole time.

  3. The top 4 performing stores worldwide are in Hong Kong. With another 2 in Macau, the Chinese contribute significantly to the Lush coffers. Protecting their own business interests rather than protecting animals.

  4. So I’m a current Lush employee in States and we have never enforced a policy like that. I don’t know if it’s different because of country or anything else. We have had people of all skin tones ask for big orders and never have an issue filling them so long as we had the product. Also for anyone curious I’m on this site because I like to see both sides of things.

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