The Smell of Bullshit, part 69: still more alternatives

In posts 44, 54, 56 and 62 I looked at alternatives to Lush, especially alternatives to Dream Cream, which is the only thing for which I have struggled to find an alternative.

Burt’s Bees seems to be where it’s at. Unfortunately it’s not vegan, but for non-vegans, it’s definitely worth a try. The Beeswax & Banana handcream is pretty good, as is the Almond & Milk. Would buy both again, as they’re moisturising and for me, non-irritating, and smell great. I will try the hand salve at some point too. But my favourite is the Shea Butter Hand Repair Cream. It smells wonderful (I love rosehip), it soothes, moisturises, and clears up eczema scabby bits overnight, and it stops skin itching. It works really well on my oddly scabby right elbow too.

Best thing I’ve found so far.


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