Please Vote Tomorrow If You Can

I postal voted Remain several weeks ago.

Please vote tomorrow, if you can. Whether you vote in, vote out, or spoil your paper and vote shake it all about, please vote. This whole referendum campaign has been so unpleasant, so nasty and so full of crap, that the eventual losing side will have a field day if the final result is close on only a 30% turnout.

Please vote, if you can.


Putting Edinburgh fiction on the map

Tales of One City

0ef96b_f8066bbc8e654f43b201425532700a0eLesley Kelly’s brand new thriller ‘A fine house in Trinity‘ features cameos from not one, but TWO of Edinburgh’s libraries within its 288 pages.

McDonald Road and Leith Library both make an appearance, but to find out why and how, you’ll have to read the book for yourself!  Check it out in either hardcopy or ebook format.

‘A fine house in Trinity’ is the newest addition to our Edinburgh Reads Map of books set in our city. Take a look to find out which novels are set in your neighbourhood, and be sure to let us know of any we might have missed!

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