The Smell of Bullshit, part 72: So.Much.Fail.


A couple of emails from  two ex-employees of everybody’s favourite ethical employer, Lush. The people have asked me to only use excerpts rather than the whole emails, so I’m picking out the worst bits, some of which are a) despicable, b) unlawful and c) cruel. Some of these issues could have been dealt with by a union, or a decent HR department, or a competent, well-trained manager who understands employment law and has a soul.



3 thoughts on “The Smell of Bullshit, part 72: So.Much.Fail.

  1. Hello. I have been a critic of this blog in the past and have disagreed with some of the things that have been written. However, the company has grown rapidly and this particular shop (easy to work out for a Lush employee) has become bigger than the company can handle.

    I have had some wonderful experiences working for the company and also some pretty horrendous ones. I have also witnessed some pretty questionable management. As a manager, I can tell you that you the way you run the shop is down to you. And if you are not a good manager or you are a morally bankrupt individual, there is very little your staff can do about it as it stands at the moment.

    I unionised my team (I may not always be there to guide them) and educated them on health and safety, fire laws and procedure and basic employment law. I have always encouraged an environment where it is OK to question things and where corners must not be cut. There are many great managers in Lush but it is very lonely and when you hit rough water. The lack of regional management, no HR team or anyone that can actually help you can be quite frightening.

    I urge anyone from Lush that is reading this to join a union (Usdaw is the retail union) and read up on ACAS and the HSE website. I have always been a strong believer in educating yourself – people cannot argue with facts and if things are wrong in the shop you work in, gather your facts, get your union rep behind you and do something. The more people that go down this path the better as they will have to make changes.

    And, Southside Socialist, please do not shout me down as you have in the past. I may disagree with you at times but I have to agree with your end message. It truly saddens me to see Lush employees writing emails like this. It doesn’t have to be this way and if any people that make decisions at Lush are reading this, please please get a qualified and functioning HR department. For the sake of your reputation but more importantly, the people that are suffering in silence and leaving the company with such terrible experiences.

  2. I have been forced out of work from LUSH due to bullying, I recieved their reply to my email about my concerns and frankly I feel they could care less.

    I’m willing to share if you think it could add to this already disgusting behaviour of theirs and show that it’s not just a handful of people who suffer from their inept and biased HR.

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