Well, hello. I am a woman, I am a public servant, I am a feminist, I am a cyclist, I am vegetarian and I am a trade unionist. I have lived in Scotland for many years and in Yorkshire for many years before that, with brief spells in north-west and south-east England, and Singapore. Multi-cultural, that’s me. I will use this blog to write about things I like and (probably more often) things I don’t like. Because of the nature of my work, I aim to be anonymous. This is not out of cowardice or a lack of belief in what I’m saying, it’s to prevent the possible identification of people I work with. I ask you to respect that.

Snippets – I love dark chocolate, George Michael, the sea, Douglas Adams, riding my bike and swimming. I loathe white chocolate, Coldplay, running, headwinds and touching plugholes.

Comments are welcome, unless you’re a troll. Hate speech comments are not likely to be approved.

Addendum: this is not a blog about Lush. This is my personal blog which contains some posts about Lush. If you wish to give anyone a link to the Lush posts, please give them https://mitheringsfrommorningside.wordpress.com/category/the-smell-of-bullshit/ which will take them straight to the Lush posts. If you wish to contact the blog, use the email address which is stated several times in the Lush posts. The email address appears several times in those posts and does not appear in this section. This is deliberate and will not be changed. I will not respond to comments left saying “please email me.”

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi,
    Can’t remember how I found your blog, but I really like it.Also can’t remember if I have commented before.If I have just delete this jumble of words as being part of an aged brain! I was in Edinburgh late last year,literally referendum time. I loved the place.Unfortunately with someone who didn’t , but I intend to come back! My daughter is keen for us to go together, so who knows, maybe one day. I am a bibliophile and have followed a slow pathway into feminism as I approach six decades in a few years time. I am also familiar with depression, and unfortunately for my longevity love chocolate. Anyway all this to say, thanks for your blog, I hope you keep writing it!

  2. I randomly came across your comments on the Lush pots while searching for info on their pots – as I thought using recycled pots would be a great idea for my newly set up creams business – but THANK YOU! I will leave them alone and stick to the glass and aluminium pots I have been using. I don’t like the thought of plastic with lovely fresh organic ingredients anyway as if plastic reacts when in contact with foodstuffs so why not with what we put on our skin?

    I would like to send you a small sample cream from my range as a thank you – they are made with fresh, foraged hedgerow herbs, best quality oils and butters and essential oils, infused in my handmade solar cooker in the back garden sunny spot! Do take a look at my facebook page and let me know which you would like to try… https://www.facebook.com/pages/Caros-Creams/877000128989593

    from a fellow, cycler, recycler, traveller, half-Scottish, half-vegetarian woman

  3. I found you because of the Lush posts and I just wanted to say THANK YOU in big letters for pointing me towards Future Primitive. They’re amazing! Now if only I could avoid buying out everything in the store… 😀

  4. Just came across you from a buzzfeed post and I just want to commend you on your honesty and bluntness. As an ex employee of lush cosmetics, it’s been sad to see the shift in direction the stores’ culture has taken. I have many stories of bullying by management and general abuse and have never been more let down by a company in my life. I applaud you for revealing the not so pretty smelling things about this company and if you need more content to write about about, feel free to email me; the three years I spent with them have left me with plenty of stories.

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