The Library of Fragrance – Sweet Pea and Vetiver

I can’t remember where I read about The Library of Fragrance, but their scents intrigue me – Fiery Curry, Holy Water and Snow being some of the more unusual. So many I want to try… xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxfrdd

(That last sentence was typed by my cat’s arse. He’s four now so I’m trying to encourage his literacy skills, so I’m leaving it in).

The Library of Fragrance describe their products as colognes, meaning the perfume concentration in the product is low. Unsurprisingly, they don’t last long at all and if you want an all day scent, you’ll probably need to top up every few hours. Having said that, Jo Loves only lasts slightly longer and that’s twice the price.

The first fragrance I tried from TLoF was the Sweet Pea. Sweet peas are my favourite flower and one of my most favourite smells in all the world. I’d love a scent that smells properly of sweet peas. Jo Loves tried but didn’t quite manage it, and TLoF haven’t quite managed it either. It’s a subtle, sweet green floral, but it doesn’t smell like sweet peas. I like it very much though so I still wear it.

This pay day, I treated myself to a bottle of the Vetiver. It’s a one-note, beautiful green warm woody vetiver scent. If you like vetiver in other perfumes and you’d like to try a pure vetiver scent, this is a relatively inexpensive way of doing it.

I’m looking forward to trying more of their scents.

My nails are in a right state

All the swimming is wrecking my nails. They’re dry, splitting, flaky and weak. I moisturise my hands umpteen times a day and sometimes I even remember to wear cotton gloves in bed after moisturising last thing at night, but it isn’t making any difference. My toenails are as bad as my fingernails. I’m filing them as short as I can to prevent breaks, but they’re still flaky and splitting.

I know some swimmers stop by this blog occasionally. Any suggestions for how to strengthen my nails?

There’s beauty everywhere

Went up to the pool for a swim this morning. I was in the water by about half nine, which is earlier than I usually go at the weekend. The sun is shining, for the first time in ages, and it was beating through the very high windows at the south end of the building and the light was streaming down into the water. And every time I got to about 5 metres away from the far end of the lane, I could see the sunlight shining through the water in beautiful streams, making the bubbles sparkle and glitter. For those couple of metres it was as pretty as swimming in the Med.